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Getting closer!

We’re definitely getting closer to having Matchi ready! I just got a quick glimpse of the progress on the box printing and it’s looking fantastic! Have a look for yourself!

It does feel like we are heading a lot closer to our longer time frame estimates at this point. I am not really surprised given the world at the moment, so I thank you all for your patience and understanding. I’ll keep the updates coming as I get them. I anticipate we’ll have a bunch coming up very soon!

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Another Regular Update

Hi all! Just wanted to keep everyone updated on the progress of manufacturing. It’s well underway and I so far it appears we are completely on schedule. Otherwise, there is no major updates to report, but I want to thank everyone for filling out the surveys. There were a few “questionable” entries for names that tried to sneak in, and for obvious reasons if the name that was submitted was inappropriate, I defaulted back to your Kickstarter name. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Regular Update Post

Hello all!

This is just a quick post to keep everyone updated on the progress of our project. So far we have received back almost all of the surveys which is great! The artwork is being finalised and sent this week to the manufacturer!

We’re working on a few other bits and pieces, but this project coming together very nicely.

I think we’ve also settled on what our next Kickstarter campaign is going to be, but you’ll have to stick around for more updates on that.

That’s all for now, hope you have a lovely day!

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A little surprise!

Greetings all! Now that the campaign on kickstarter has concluded and we’re well on our way with receiving all our surveys back, I wanted to share a little surprise with you all. This edition of Matchi, which will be known as the “Founders Edition” will be strictly limited to 1000 copies and will include a signed and numbered certificate.

This will also be the only edition that will have the alternate artwork on the reverse side of the tiles, which means that if this games becomes more popular, you will be one of the lucky few to own a truly unique version of the game. I can’t wait for you to see the alternate artwork, but that will be another surprise when you receive your copy of the game!

So if you are one of our backers, congratulations, you are already on your way to getting this very special limited edition game! But if you missed out on the campaign, we are accepting registrations of interest on our website. The earlier you register, the more likely you are to receive early access to purchasing before it goes on sale in the store.

Given that about 500 units are already sold, there are only about another 500 left, so make sure you register soon!

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Matchi Kickstarter campaign is a wrap!

I am blown away by the support this little game managed to get and I cannot thank all of you enough for being a part of this! So now we move on to the next stage where we get all the bits and pieces together. It’s my plan to keep you informed of the progress via the blog here, so make sure you are checking back for updates.

We have a lot of exciting things coming up and maybe a few surprises too! Needless to say, if you are one of our backers, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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Matchi Print and Play version now available!

Can’t wait to get your hands on Matchi? Want to try it out for yourself before buying? We have the solution for you!

We are pleased to announce the Print and Play version of Matchi is now available. We believe that this game should be enjoyed by as many people as possible which is why we are happy to freely distribute this version. You can always support Kyle Davis Games by backing a game on kickstarter, or buying a game from our shop (once the shop is up and running!).

So what are you waiting for? Download the game and start playing today!

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Matchi is now available on Tabletopia

With the Kickstarter campaign going full force, we wanted to announce that Matchi is now available on Tabletopia! We wanted to make the game available for everyone to try out or even just to have some fun remote play time.

What is Tabletopia? It’s a bit of a game/simulator that is specifically designed to give players a place to play board games online. You can play right in a browser, on your phone or tablet, or, if you have steam, there is a steam version too.

Here are some links to get you started!

Official Matchi Tabletopia Page

Tabletopia on iOS

Tabletopia on Android

Tabletopia on Steam

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200% Funded!

I woke up to a very pleasant surprise this morning, we’ve officially hit 200% of our funding goal! That means that our second stretch goal is now going to go into effect!

I’m very happy that we hit this one, I really wanted to get here so we can invest more into the quality of the product. Just to recap, with the first 2 stretch goals reached, we will be upgrading both the hex tiles quality and thickness, as well as the box quality and thickness.

Huge thank you to everyone that has viewed, commented, shared, and backed our little game!

If you haven’t checked out the kickstarter yet, you can find it here!