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Our First Post

Welcome to Kyle Davis Games!

You’re probably wondering why there’s not a whole lot here right now, and that’s a great thing to wonder. You see, Kyle Davis Games is a brand new board game publishing company that is currently launching it’s first game on Kickstarter: Matchi!

Our first campaign is due to finish up in July, and the first batch of games are expected to be shipped out in September. We are hoping that you will come along for the journey and support our first game. We will also use this site as a place to purchase our games once we have them in stock.

Some other things you can do is sign up for our Newsletter which we will publish regular updates about the progress of any games we have on the go.

We also love ALL of your feedback and want to hear from you about what you like or think could use improvement.

Every game we intend to make should follow our simple princpals:

  1. Every game must be easy to learn, easy to play, but have strategic depth
  2. Every game must be beautiful

We hope you like this approach, and we hope you like the games we will be coming up with. Stay up to date with all the new info by signing up to our Newsletter.

Thanks for stopping by!

Kyle Davis